Nemo Guest Ranch
A quiet, rustic, western resort nestled in the pine trees along a trout stream in the northern Black Hills of South Dakota.

The Nemo Guest Ranch Cabins for Rent

CABIN GUESTS PLEASE NOTE: Many of our cabins are original Nemo buildings and are rustic. No smoking in the cabins. Please come expecting, not uptown shine, but genuine quaintness and historical authenticity. All have electric heat, warm showers and clean linens. All cabins have fire pits and grates. Please bring your eating/cooking utensils.

D = DOUBLE BED, T = TWIN BED, Q = QUEEN BED, H = HIDE-A-BED, B = BUNK BED, Y = DAY BED, MCTF = Microwave, Coffee Pot, Toaster, Dorm Fridge

All deposits are non-refundable. No refunds for early departures. map of the grounds

Add 5.5% Tax

RANCH HOUSE (5BR: 6-D 1-Q 1-B 1-T ; 2-Bath; Kitchen; $365/night) is newly remodeled and winterized. It has two bathrooms, an upstairs dorm style room, three bedrooms downstairs, kitchen, and living area with gas fireplace. The Ranch House may be divided into two separate units.

Ranch House Ranch House Interior

MARTIN HOUSE is two separate units. Each unit has a small bathroom and two rooms each with a double bed.
MARTIN Unit #44 (2BR: 2-Q; 1-Bath; MCTF; $98/night)
MARTIN Unit #45 (2BR: 2-Q; 1-Bath; MCTF; $98/night)

Martin House Martin House Interior

BAR 5 is vintage Nemo and is our smallest cabin with a bathroom, small kitchenette, and a covered porch.
(1BR: 1-Q; 1-Bath; Kitchenette; $90/night)

DOUBLE T is another vintage Nemo cabin which looks like the Bar 5 with aged pine, small bathroom, but two bedrooms and a covered porch.
(2BR: 2-Q; 1-Bath; MCTF; $98/night)

Double T Double T Interior

BUNK HOUSE Once the Doctors Quarters/Infirmary, it has three bedrooms, a kitchen and large bathroom. Very sunny and decorated in a comfortable fashion.
(3BR: 2-Q 2-D 1-B; 1-Bath; $248/night)

Bunk House Bunk House Interior

4T: Nemo's one-room School House, the 4-T is one of our newly remodeled, fully-winterized cabins, a favorite for Christmas vacationers, snowmobilers and hunters. It has three bedrooms downstairs, a loft, one large bathroom, living area with gas fireplace and kitchen.
(4BR: 1-K 1-Q 4-D; 1-Bath; Kitchen; $298/night)

Four T Guest Cabin Four T Guest Cabin Interior

BOARDING HOUSE was once the Nemo Hotel. It has been redesigned into a four-plex arrangement with two units upstairs each with two double beds, shower, kitchenette, and outdoor covered porch entrance. The B3 bottom unit has a shower, 1 double bed, 2 Queen beds, and deck overlooking the trout stream. The other bottom unit, B4, has a kitchen, living area with fireplace, bedroom and bath. The two bottom units can be opened together to form one unit.
B4 (1BR: 1-Q 1-H; 1-Bath; Kitchen; $98/night)
B3 (2BR: 2-Q 1-D; 1-Bath; MCTF; $98/night)
B2 (0BR: 2-D; 1-Bath; Kitchen; $98/night)
B1 (0BR: 2-D; 1-Bath; Kitchen; $98/night)

Boarding House Boarding House Interior

TROXELL HOUSE is an old ranch style house with large living area, kitchen, two downstairs bedrooms, downstairs bathroom, upstairs bedroom. Comes with a covered porch.
(4BR: 1-Q 3-D 4-T; 1-Bath; Kitchen; $248/night)

Troxell House Troxell House Interior

CIRCLE 6 is a two-story cabin with four rooms and five double, 1 queen, 1 twin, 2 hide-a-beds upstairs and one bedroom downstairs, kitchen, living area, dining area and one bathroom.
(4BR: 1-Q 1T 5-D 1-H; 2-Bath; Kitchen; $298/night)

Circle 6 Cabin Circle 6 Cabin Interior

BIG HOUSE is like a large farm/plantation house, our largest cabin, with high ceiling rooms, large livingroom and kitchen and two bathrooms. There are three bedrooms downstairs and three bedrooms upstairs. This is our favorite family reunion house, large porch and large, grassy, tree-filled yard.
(6BR: 1-Q 5-D 1-H 1-Y; 2-Bath; Kitchen; $365/night)

Big House Big House Interior

For reservations or information, please call the Nemo Guest Ranch at 605-578-2708.


early check in will be charged an additional day



Many of our cabins are original Nemo buildings and are rustic. No smoking in the cabins. Please come expecting, not uptown shine, but genuine quaintness and historical authenticity.

Call Troy at 605-578-2708.