Fishing around Nemo

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There are many scenic streams and lakes in the area with plenty of fish to catch! A small, stocked, trout stream (Boxelder Creek) goes right through camp. Catch brooktrout right in your backyard!

Within a few miles are Dalton Lake and Reausaw Lake... with rainbow, brown, and brooktrout. Just to the south is Pactola Reservoir (the largest lake in the Black Hills).

Fishing season is 365 days a year, so no reason to wait!

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Pactola Reservoir:
Pactola is the largest lake in the Black Hills and one of the most beautiful anywhere. It boasts a state record lake trout at 27 lbs, 14 oz, caught in July 2003. Fishermen (and women, too) catch brown trout (many over 20 inches) and rainbow trout (there are thousands, typically from 10 to 20 inches). There are lots of pan fish -- blue gills, rock bass, crappy, and perch -- and a few large-mouth bass. If you are hoping for a record-breaking trout, the cooler months of May, June, September, and October will provide your best opportunities. But anglers regularly fill out their limits throughout the summer.

Lake Pactola

Pactola Lake is famous for its crystal clear water. Visibility on most days is 20 to 25 feet. With this type of water, it's only natural that Pactola is very popular with water skiers and all boating enthusiasts. Scuba divers also come from all over the country to enjoy the clear, unpolluted water of this lake and visit some of the artifacts remaining from the days before the reservoir was flooded.

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